Father Elephant

About Us

Our Vision

To become Sri Lanka’s most cost-effective and sustainable food exporter.


We uphold the obligation to accept responsibility for the actions of our organisation and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.


Regardless of the circumstance, we promise to work with you, for you.

Our Mission

To provide valuable and innovative solutions and products which are suitable for our buyers, ensuring the affordability to all consumers.


To produce original and quality goods and services which are worthy for our customers.


We promise to continue to be persistent in refining our products in order to achieve what’s best for our consumers, regardless of any hardships we may face.


We have a firm belief in the reliability, truth, and ability of our products and in our customers.  

we are in this together

Social Responsibility

We promise to spend 1% of our net profits on Nature & Wildlife Conservation
and another 1% of net profits on uplifting education standard of underprivileged students.
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